House Breaking Training of a Puppy

House Breaking Training of a Puppy

House Breaking Training of a Puppy - How to Train a Puppy at Home - Puppy House Breaking Training Tips - Tips for Puppy Potty Training | Tips on - Find TipsNow most of the puppies are living inside the house. Unless you give proper training they would urinate and defecate all over the house. To avoid such annoying situations puppy has to go through a house breaking process. It should not be very hard and messy. Long spell of training is not advisable. It would take some of your time. The more you involved in the training the shorter would be the span of training.

Basic Rules

The most common basic rules are applicable here also. Rule No. 1 is that you should not punish a puppy when it does any thing wrong. That would create some behavior problem in him. Rule No. 2 is that whenever a puppy does what we want him to do praise him and say good word to him.

Methods of Training

There are three methods for house breaking training. They are

1. Paper or Pad Method

Put a paper or a pad with some chemical that attract puppy inside the corner of the room. When puppy shows pre potty pattern such as walking around and sniffing the floor pick him up without talking and place him over the paper or pad. When it eliminates praise him and say good word. After few days of training remove the paper near to the door and then to outside. Finally paper inside is removed. Disadvantage of this method is that for a period of time it encourages to eliminate inside and that it would take longer time to learn.

2. Crate Training

In this method a cage or crate just enough to be a bed is used. Dog would not soil its bed. By natural instinct it would not like to lay in the mess. It would control its bladder and bowel. A young puppy of 8-9 weeks can control for 7-8 hours. You should not place him for a long time in the cage. No food or water is placed in the crate. Place only a blanket or a chewing toy to occupy time. If you cannot attend the dog for some time, while cooking, teaching your children or going away from home you can put dog inside the cage. Before caging take him to his favorite spot outside. Similarly after caging, first thing to do is to take him to his favorite spot outside. During night place him in the crate. Advantage of this method is that puppy would not make house messy and pup learn to control the urge to urinate and defecate. Puppy that got crate training would make fewer mistakes during other training periods

3. Constant Supervision

In this method no paper, pad or crates are required. You have to spend all time with the puppy. People live and work in the home or retired people can do it. When puppy shows pre potty pattern take him outside. As soon as it eliminate take him back immediately. You should not play or make it a trip for any other reason. You can use verbal cues like outside, hurry up, potty etc.

When it passes urine accidentally then never punishes him. Just clean it and forget it.

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