How A Woman Is Attracted To A Man

How A Woman Is Attracted To A Man

How A Woman Is Attracted To A Man - What a Woman Sees in a Man | Tips on - Find TipsAttraction is the founding stone of a prosperous and fulfilling relation; something more than a chemical reaction. It is the initial sparks which determine if the things would go further or not.

There are many bases on which a woman is attracted to a man. There are no hard and fast rules regarding this. Every woman is different and therefore the basis of their choice varies too.

This article does not mean to generalize anything; rather it has several pointers the ways and manners which attract a woman to the opposite sex.

1. ‘First impression is the last’ goes an old saying. The first thing a woman notices is the physical features- whether dark or fair; tall or short; bulky or slim; bald or with lustrous mane, handsome or ugly. Depending on personal choice, a woman may like the bald too.

2. Then she looks at the body language. Are you defensive, sweet, arrogant, defiant, callous, lazy and what not. She sees the way a man dresses- modern or traditional; formal or casual etc. How do you behave? What image do you create on others? Do you respect others or treat them like dirt? Are you rough or a soft person?

3. Then she sees the manner of you conduct. How fluent you are in the language you speak? What is the general tone of speech when you speak? Do you stammer? Do you mock at people? Are you repetitive? Do you use body gestures to express yourself?

4. She also notices the professional success. This means she tries to understand the amount of hard work you have done to come upto where you are now. Are you a self-made man or you rely on others too much?

5. The way you treat your family is very important for a woman. How much respect do you give? What do the family members think regarding you?

6. Lastly, someone rightly said, ‘if a man cannot take care of his shoes, he can take care of nobody’. This does not mean that it proves if they treat a woman as doormat but it shows how much he is particular about others around him and regarding himself too.

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