How Beverages Keep You Healthy

How Beverages Keep You Healthy

How Beverages Keep You Healthy - Juices To Keep You Healthy - Herbal Teas And Health Beverages » How different beverages keep you healthyUndoubtedly most of us forget that our body is comprised of 50 to 60 percent of water and it needs to be replenished on daily basis. You will be surprised to read that at least eight glasses of fluids per day is recommended by medicos but this varies greatly according to the exercise level and diet that the individual follows. Apart from water, here are the descriptions of some beverages that can help you to keep yourself on healthy note.

One should drink either warm water or water at room temperature. If you have existing digestive problems, cold water can just worsen it. If you drink tap water, you should have a good purifier. You can also squeeze lemon or orange wedges into your water for a good flavor.

Vegetable juice
Vegetable juices are a great way of getting your daily dose of vegetables and fluids. Avoid canned juices and vegetables cocktails that contain high levels of salt. Celery, cucumber, wheatgrass, fennel, parsley and other non-starchy vegetables are some excellent choices. Carrots are sweet, so be sure to drink carrot juice in moderation.

Fruit juices
In general, it is better to eat fruit than drink it, in liquid form, the sugar in the fruit juice is absorbed into the bloodstream relatively quickly. So, it is better to try diluting fruit juice with water- one part of unsweetened juice to one to three parts of water. You can also use sparkling water to dilute as long as it is low in sodium.

Herbal teas

Caffeine-free herbal teas are excellent. Peppermint, chamomile and caraway in particular improve digestion and reduce bloating.

Decaffeinated coffee

If you like to drink decaf, make sure that it is water-processed. And use small amount of table cream or milk if necessary, but keep minimum sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners.

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