How can a Parent Adopt

How can a Parent Adopt

How can a Parent Adopt - Laws of Adoption - Single Parent Adoption - Tips for Adopting Parents | Tips on - Find TipsIt is not only the childless couples who are willing to adopt. There are single mothers and fathers who are willing to walk that extra mile to give survival for a toddler in need; and governments are more than willing to satisfy this need. Adoption is sort of turning into a trend.

Still, it has been seen that the adoption procedures are quite slow and stringent in many of the countries. Therefore, it is important for the adopting parents to go by the rule book.

1. Hire An Attorney- This will help to arrive at a clear picture regarding the laws of the state for adoption. You will get to know the requirements for parents wanting to adopt, how much time the process will take, what are the expenses etc.

2. Both Side Consent- The birth parents of the child and the adopting parents must consent to the adoption. Everything should be put on paper and all the legalities be completed. Make sure that the biological parents do not backtrack on their words; it will complicate matters further and unnecessary time wastage.

Some states require the consent of the child too. The age depends on state to state- it could be 10, 12 or 14 years. In this case, make sure the child is ready to accept you as his/her new parent.

3. The Formalities- keep yourself up-to date with all information’s till the adoption has been finalized. After you submit all the necessary documents, the court will summon for a hearing. The hearing is to confirm the desire of each of the party, to know that they are giving for adoption or adopting without any pressure.

4. Finalize- Get the adoption certificates issued to you. Later you can ask for an amendment in the birth certificates.

I have seen many people shy away from adoption because of the cumbersome legal hassles. Do not get bogged down by them. The State has as much interest in the welfare of the child as much as you do.

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