How can Kids and Teens Make Money

How can Kids and Teens Make Money

How can Kids and Teens Make Money - Teens Money Making Ideas - Tips for Kids to Earn Money - Ideas for Kids and Teens to Make Money | Tips on - Find TipsIn times of recession and increased expenditure, kids and teens can save their parents from giving extra allowances by learning to earn for themselves. As with adults, children too need extra cash and there is no issue if they can earn it themselves.

So what can the children do?

1. If the child is a teenager, he/she can start taking tuitions of other children. This is the most noblest of methods. Every child has some skills; some may be good in mathematics or some in arts. What is the better way at this age than to spread one’s knowledge to others and earn in the process too. They can teach their classmates too if they need any help. You can charge per hour on a daily basis or a monthly fixed fee. The former is better.

2. Ask your parents to allow you to do the household chores around the house such as washing utensils, cleaning the car, and gardening, make the beds, and mop the floor and many others. In return for these services, you ask for money.

3. If you are good with toddlers, go and baby sit them. I know some who even charge for looking after their siblings when the parents are out for a party or a date. But for babysitting, parents need reliable and responsible person. If you fit the bill, look around the neighborhood and start babysitting.

4. Ask your mom to help set up lemonade and baked item stalls. In summers, lemonade stall is a good way for refreshment and to earn too. Put up an attractive stand at a prime location near your house. To set up a lemonade stand, use the garden outside your house or if there is no garden, there must be some extra space to set up. Apart from lemonades, request mom to bake some cakes or cookies. Put them in cups and sell.

5. If there are too many cluttering in store, sort them out and some things may turn out to be saleable!

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