How Can Men Deal With Abortion

How Can Men Deal With Abortion

How Can Men Deal With Abortion - Men And Abortion - How Abortion Affects Men - | Tips on - Find TipsOne may say, pregnancy and abortion is the domain of the woman only. It is not true. It is the responsibility of both the man and woman to help each other taking decisions of such gravity.

It is wrong to blame the woman for getting pregnant when you did not use any pills or condoms. Both of you may decide for an abortion because you are not ready to start a family or you have to settle in your career, whatever the reason, the issue is how does the abortion effect you and how should you handle your partner after abortion.

1. Sometimes when abortion is done out of compulsion- both of you wanted the child but did not have the means to support the child- it leads to a feeling of guilt. A man may feel lacking as a provider, as incompetency. Incompetency has nothing to do with child bearing; it is all about the right time.

2. Some men never want a child for many reasons. In such a case, they should let their partner know beforehand so that the heart break of abortion does not ever come.

3. Most relations tend to break in this scenario. Both the partners become recluse, neither confiding to each other. They are afraid to talk about their feelings openly. Whatever the reason, I would suggest men to speak their mind to their partners. While it may not help her in any way, she will feel good knowing your thoughts. It will also help to cement the bond you two share.

4. After abortion, the woman needs to be taken care of- mentally and physically. Take care of all the medications. Be affectionate and caring towards her. This is the time when she will feel irritability and weaknesses. Do not lose your patience. Think that you are treating a new born child and have to go according to their whims. This is just for a short period. It will take few days for her to recover from the changes.

5. It is better to abstain from sex until she wants it. The hormonal changes in women reduce a woman’s desire for sex, until she recovers.

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