How Can Working Women Save Money

How Can Working Women Save Money

How Can Working Women Save Money - How Money Can be Save by Working Women - How Women Can do Their Bit to Save Money | Tips on - Find TipsIn today’s world, families incur more expenses as compared to their earning even if both the husband and wife are earning. Expenses have sky rocketed in the last couple of years. While the family expenses cannot be ignored, women can do their bit by trying to save some money- for their own benefit.

1. Save Money On Transportation- Commuting is an everyday hassle, whether you live near or far from office does not matter. What you can do is ask your company to provide for transportation at subsidized rates; or start up a car pool with your colleagues; or walk down to your office with a morning cup of coffee or use bicycle to work. It saves fuel, reduces traveling costs and saves money too.

2. Save Money On Lunches- It is best if you carry lunch pack from home. And in case you do not have time enough in the morning, then get lunch from the office canteen. Most companies have canteens. Or if you want, then you and your colleagues can lunch outside and pay on shared basis.

3. Save Money On Beverages- Tea and coffees are like a staple diet for any office worker, especially when there is so much work pressure on them. Instead of buying coffees at outlets, ask the officer in charge to install a coffee vending machine. If it is not possible or till the machine is installed, you can keep a bottle of caffeine and hot water on your desk. It just takes two minutes to prepare coffee.

4. Save Money On Phone And Other Entertainment- Now a days, almost everything is available on the internet. Sign up with any of film sites like netflix and enjoy movies in the comfort of the home. It is better than watching movie at theatre. To reduce phone bills, change it to limited usage or get a landline. Visit the libraries, neighbourhood parks, museums and playground. These are a better mode of entertainment than movies.

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