How Clean Is Your Spouse

How Clean Is Your Spouse

How Clean Is Your Spouse - Spouse Benefits - Stray Toenail Clippings - Unwashed Hands - Stray Toenail Clippings » How clean is your spouse? Read on!You may pride yourself on your cleanliness, but does your partner have the same standards? Do you know that men tend to be the worst culprits when it comes to poor hygiene? So, just read out some of his worst habits that can create impact on your health too.

Wet towels:
An average person sheds million of skin cells every hour. Bath towels cling onto those cells and their bacteria, and serve as a giant incubator when in a damp heap. It can be possible that your partner is having a habit of leaving his wet towel every time he takes a bath. So ask him to dry his damp towels on the radiators.

Unwashed hands:
Do you know that only 3% of men wash their hands after going to the toilet? Do you know that hands are literally teeming with potentially harmful bacteria and if your man touches your genitals with the same, you can end up with a thrush or a bout of cystitis? So, make sure you leave an anti-bacterial hand wash in the bathroom and insist him to wash his hands before indulging into any sexual affair.

Leaving the loo seat up:
Do you know that if toilet seat is not cleaned properly, it can prove to be a hotbed for number of germs including the faecal bacteria which thrive beneath the seat? Campylobacter and salmonella are nasties that can leave you with gastric infections. So, ask him to put the toilet seat down everytime he uses it up. And also to wash hands too.

Stray toenail clippings
Toe nails carry foot fungus. So, if you partner have an athlete’s foot and an infected nail then do you know you can too get infected. It can cause ringworm infections all over the body. Get him to cut his toe nails on a paper and throw them away. Also, ask him to consult a doctor if he is suffering from any infection.

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