How Divorce Affects Children

How Divorce Affects Children

How Divorce Affects Children - Divorce and how it affects a Child - Effects of Divorce on Children - Children and Divorce | Tips on - Find TipsChildren are very astute and can pick up the vibes that parents give off. Parents may not realize it but their child can tell when something is bothering the parents. When a child is young, his/her psyche and behavior is being formed. When the parents are getting divorced the child they can sense that something terrible is happening and this will affect them negatively.

Divorce affects children of any age or gender. If the divorce is not presented to the child properly or it is a bitter and difficult divorce, these negative feelings can become engrained in the child’s memory and affect their personal growth. This article talks about the ways that divorce can hurt a child. When children of any age finds out that their parents are getting a divorce, most of them think that it is because of them.

They tend to think that they either did something wrong or that the parents don’t love them anymore. This makes the child feel sad and lonely. When a parent moves out of the house because of a divorce, the child feels as though that parent has abandoned them. They are left feeling devastated and take it upon themselves to do whatever they can to keep the marriage together. Children may also feel anger towards the parents, especially the parent that leaves the home.

Divorce can also be equated to death in a child’s mind as one of the people that they love has now gone away. The child will grieve over their parent’s divorce. The child will also be confused as they are caught in the middle of a divorce and often used as a bartering item. They do not know who to side with. On one hand they want to be loyal to their mother because they see her being hurt, but on the other hand they feel that they have to be loyal to their father because they see the mother as pushing him out of the house.

The effect of divorce shows in all of their actions and activities. They may become despondent or troublesome at school, they can have anxiety, they may cling to a parent, or even act out by becoming demanding or wetting their bed. Some children feel it is now their responsibility to protect the parent that they are living with.

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