How Do You Make Your Hair Shine

How Do You Make Your Hair Shine

How Do You Make Your Hair Shine - Egg And Milk Mask For Hair Shine - Hair Shine Recipe » Things You Can Do to Make Your Hair ShineAre you tired of looking at people who have nice shiny hair while you are stuck trying to do something with your own dull, lackluster locks? There are several inexpensive things that you can do that will help give your hair a luminous glow. Best of all, most of the items you need can be found in your own house and will hardly cost you any money at all.

Egg and Milk Mask

The first recipe you can use to make your dull looks shine requires that you raid your refrigerator until you find two medium eggs and a quarter glass of milk. After you have finished blending the eggs and milk together, you should pour the mixture over your hair. Use your fingertips to work the egg/milk mix into your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap, or wrap your hair in a towel and allow it to soak in the protein from the eggs and the calcium from the milk for five to ten minutes. Shampoo and condition your hair just like you normally would.

Use Cold Water

The next time you are taking a shower, you should shut the hot water off. No, not for your whole shower, but long enough for you to rinse the shampoo and conditioner from your hair. Not only will the cold water make your hair nice and shiny, it will get your heart pumping and make your skin glow.

Add Some Vodka

The next time you go to the store to buy shampoo, you should also pick up a small bottle of cheap vodka as well. Mix two tablespoons of the vodka into your shampoo. The next time you wash your hair, you will notice that it is lots shinier after you have used the vodka shampoo. Beer works just as well as vodka for polishing your hair, but the vodka has less of an odor.

What Not to Do

When you are trying to bring shine to your hair, you should stay away from chemical treatments like perms, highlights, and dye jobs. The chemicals fry your hair, making it look dull and listless. You should also try to use heat as little as possible when you are styling your hair.

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