How Does a Plant Flower

How Does a Plant Flower

How Does a Plant Flower - Flowering - Life Cycle of a Plant - Pollination | Tips on - Find TipsFlowering

All the flowering plants produces flower as a reproductive structure. Its biological function is the union of male sperm and female ovum. A colorful flower attracts pollinators like bees and birds that carry pollen from plant to plant and fertilization occur leading to the formation and disposal of the seeds.

Life cycle of a plant

Life cycle of a plant can be divided in to two stages – primary stage and secondary stage. In primary stage plant develops its stem, branches and leaves. It is the period before the flowering. The secondary stage in the life cycle of a plant is the period after flowering.

Role of a Hormone

By the end of the primary stage the leaves of the plant produce a hormone called Florigen. The florigen reaches the buds at the top of the plant Then the buds by the influence of florigen stop production of new branches and leaves. Then they transform to the reproductive organ – flowers. Florigen triggers blooming. The transition to flowering is the major phase change that a plant makes during its life cycle. Thus the plant enters to its secondary stage. Florigen has not been segregated in its pure form from the leaves of the plant, but its presence has already been proved without doubt by the scientist. When scientist injected the extract taken from the leaves of a flowered xanthium plant to a plant that is very below the age of flowering that plant began to bloom. Hence we can understand that florigen gives stimulus to plant for flowering.


Flower is the important part of a plant to attract pollinators. Most of the flowers are beautifully colored. Some are self pollinated. Some attract and use insect, bat, birds and animal to transfer pollen from one plant to other some produces nectar to attract pollinators. Smell is another factor for attraction. Some use wind to move pollen from one flower to other.

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