How should a Typical Day for a Kid be in the School

How should a Typical Day for a Kid be in the School

How should a Typical Day for a Kid be in the School - How to Handle Being the New Kid at School | Tips on - Find TipsFirst and the foremost thing you should think is that the kids should n’t get bored staying in the school. It is very common that the kids will cry for the first few days when they join the school. This attitude of kid has to be handled with care by the school. The school teacher should build so much of trust in the kid that the kid does not miss his/her parents anymore.

Teaching kids only one thing never helps. You should always switch from one action to another. If you keep teaching something on the board all the time, the kids will get bored.

The beginning can be that in the early morning when they enter the class, they will start their day with a prayer. Later has to be the time for rhymes. They should be able to sing and dance when they say rhymes. These actions help them understand the meaning of these rhymes better.
It was observed by me, that one of kids of UKG was already writing rhymes on his own. This shows the efficiency of the teacher. These things are rear but true.

Next should be a drawing, painting and craft time. Every day you have to keep switching between these things, so that it does not get monotonous.

Then it is time for some exercise and yoga. Every day if there is at least 15 minutes dedicated for exercise, the kid will be absolutely healthy.
Then comes the resting time. Make them sleep for sometime or they can lye down for some time. Later you can give a break for breakfast. For this you have to allot at least half an hour and be around the kids all the time, telling what is good and what is bad. Tell them not to spill water, not to make the food fall on the ground, not to waste food etc.

After they come from their break give rhesus time. This is very important in case of small kids.

After this you can start telling moral stories with lodes and lodes of actions. Voice modulation, expression and your delivery should be perfect.
Then you can teach them for some time. Make sure that everything is in the form of concepts because you don’t want kids to be mug pots.
And finally give a warm sendoff to all the kids every day.

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