How to Achieve Flat Stomach

How to Achieve Flat Stomach

How to Achieve Flat Stomach - Exercises for Flat Stomach - Workouts for Flat Tummy - Aerobic Exercises | Tips on - Find TipsThose people who have big stomach and wants to convert their tummy into flat stomach, so that they can look more beautiful and sophisticated. Here are few exercises and workouts, which help you tremendously to achieve this goal.

Any activity that raises your heart beat to target range and maintains this heart beat for 20 or more minutes is an ideal aerobic exercise.

All these are the important exercises for achieve an excellent figure and lithe body.

Walking & Running:

Walking is undoubtedly the most popular aerobic exercise. Its good to stretch the lower body muscles, which are involved in walking like, hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscle before start your walking routine. Brisk walking is the best option to increase your aerobic fitness but start at a comfortably pace and gradually increase your speed. 5 mile per hour is the least speed require for better result.

Running is another excellent exercise to lose weight and burn your calories. Before start running stretch your lower back, calves & shoulder muscles. Start at a steady pace before you run faster, and then run at a same pace for at least 20 minutes.

Swimming Workout:

Swimming is the only activity or exercise, which give you fun while burning your calories and gives you amazing muscle and strength. Stretch your back, legs and arms before enter into a water. In starting take slow swimming strides and gradually increase the speed until it reaches your target heart beat zone and maintain this intensity for a minimum 20-30 minutes.

Treadmill Exercise:

Treadmill is an efficient cardio workout to burn calories. It is very safe and easy to use. You can use treadmill as a variation exercise, when you get bored of outdoor walking or running. Before you start your treadmill, stretch your back, hamstrings and calves for 5 minutes. Initial you hold the railing, but when your balance improves you can swing your arms and burn additional calories. Once you sustain your target heart beat zone for 20 minutes, and then only lower your speed and step out of the treadmill.

Stair stepper workout:

Stair stepper or stair climbing is a proven performer to lose weight. Stretch your lower back, calf muscle, hamstrings and shoulder. Get on the stepper machine and hold the handrails. Start stepping, taking deep steps and swing your hands to burn extra calories. Increase your speed gradually and for variation alternate between short and long steps.

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