How to Achieve Health

How to Achieve Health

How to Achieve Health - Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer - Health Advice for Men - Prostate Cancer Causes » Tips to Achieve Male HealthThe question often asked is, “Why do women outlive men”. Is genetics the answer? Is lifestyle the reason? In simple words, the plain fact is that men do not take enough interest in their own health. They leave it to the women in their lives, be it their mother or wife, to take care of this.

Researchers in the US have discovered that if a woman works 8 hours at a job on a 5-day week, the man’s longevity is diminished by astounding 25%. A real eye opener to men, it is time men sat up and did something about their health. Time they made this as important a concern as their work.

Seek medical advice

Women have no problem visiting a doctor, and even impinging on his time with all their numerous complaints. They also accompany their children and husbands and most often, it is the women, who describe the symptoms to the doctor.

Men are hesitant to describe their symptoms, apprehensive of tests that may be prescribed and terrified of results. Hence, very often, just like the stork that hides its head in the sand when danger threatens, men do not reveal the truth to doctors.

It is important for men to find a doctor whom they trust and with whom they can be comfortable and honest. It is good thing to consult with other male friends and acquaintances to find out whom they go to consult. Then write down all that you want to discuss with the doctor so that you do not forget in the last moment.

Get enlightened

Reading makes a man wiser. All of us will be better able to recognize signs and symptoms of diseases if we know what we are looking for. Men, by nature, do not read things pertaining to health.

They will be enlightened if they knew what common health problems occur in men and what the signs and symptoms are of the same.

Some of the important things all of us should know, and especially men, is how to recognize a heart attack. Know what a normal blood pressure is. Know what normal blood readings should be.

Read up the symptoms of testicular, colon, and prostate cancer and how often you should be screened for the same. Find out family history and share this with your physician.

The world believes a man should not cry and that in adverse circumstances the man has to be prepared to face everything.

It maybe that this kind of old-fashioned thinking causes him to think twice before he can talk about anything that causes him anxiety, including illness.

A man will be admired if he can look after himself, do a yearly medical check up, and in general be sensitive to anything that is abnormal in his body.

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