How to Apply Facial Powder

How to Apply Facial Powder

How to Apply Facial Powder - Oil-Free Skin - Tips to Apply Compact Powder – Foundation - Tips to Keep your Skin Looking Healthy and Fresh | Tips on - Find TipsWhy is it that your skin shines with oil while other women around you have smooth, fresh skin in the summertime? Are you the only one who sweats? No, you’re not. It’s just that these women know a not-so-secret trick to keeping their faces looking smooth and oil-free. It’s called a compact. What is a compact? It is the one piece of make-up that you will use from day to night in all seasons. Compact powder can be worn by itself or, if your skin is very uneven, applied over your daily foundation for a smooth look. Here are some tricks to properly apply compact powder to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.

Apply compact powder after you have put on your foundation or concealer. It is a finishing product. Apply your lipstick, blush and eye shadow after applying compact powder. To apply the compact powder, take the powder puff that comes with it and press it into the powder. Now lightly tap it against the container to remove any excess powder. You don’t want a caked-on look.

Run the compact powder puff over your face, starting with the inside of your face where your nose is, and draw it to the outside of your face towards your jaw line. You need to follow the pattern of your skin. Do not stop at the jaw. You will need to continue onto your neck so that the powder blends with your skin better. If you stop at your jaw line, you will look like you are wearing a mask as your face will be a different color than your neck.

After you have applied the powder, lightly dab your face with a tissue to remove any excess powder.

Carry your compact powder with you in your purse so that you can do touch-ups during the day.

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