How To Apply Makeup In Five Minutes

How To Apply Makeup In Five Minutes

How To Apply Makeup In Five Minutes - 5 Minute Makeup Face Step-By-Step - 5 Minute Makeup Tips | Fashion & BeautyImagine yourself in a situation where you have to go to a party or attend a function but you were so busy the whole day that you couldn’t find time to go to the beauty saloon.

However, the function or party is very important and you cannot risk not going there or going there looking dull.

There is nothing to worry about; you can do instant five minute, five-step makeup to get that much-needed glow on your face. The steps are very basic and simple, what you require are a few products in your makeup kit.

Step 1:

First of all, clean your face with a good face wash, so that you have clean and clear skin before you start applying makeup. You can use any face wash of your choice. After face wash, apply toner. Toner helps your skin look young and supple. There are many varieties of toner available in the market.

Now comes the moisturizing part. After cleansing and toning apply moisturizer to give your skin a radiant look. You should always choose a moisturizer, which suits your skin type i.e. normal, oily, dry, or combination. The moisturizer should be applied in a clockwise direction from bottom to top of face, starting from neck and gradually moving towards forehead.

Step 2:

In second step, pay attention to the marks and problem areas of your face. Apply a uniform layer of concealer all over the face, including under eyes to cover the dark circles. This will help you in giving a smooth look.

Now comes the foundation, apply a thin and uniform layer of foundation. A liquid foundation followed by a compact powder is better.

Step 3:

With step two, you are almost done with the maximum part of your face. Now it’s time to give your eyes a glittering look. Pick your favorite shade of eye shadow and apply it on your eyes. You can also be creative and try two shades to give a more glamorous look.
For example, using a blue or light green eye shadow in your outer part and soft pink on inner corner. After eye shadow, outline upper and lower eyelids with an eye pencil. This will enhance the shape of your eyes.

Step 4:

This step is the most basic and simple among all the steps. It involves putting lipstick on your lips followed by lip-gloss. It is better to choose a lipstick, which matches your eye shadow color.

Step 5:

The last step is to give your face a glow and a definite shape by using blusher. Use pink or any color you want and apply it slowly over your cheeks and a little darker under your cheekbones.

You are ready for the party!

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