How to Apply the Dye

How to Apply the Dye

How to Apply the Dye - Tips for Dying Your Hair - How to Dye Your Own Hair | Tips on - Find TipsYou will need six accessories for the process of dying your hair. The rest of the material will come with the hair dye kit. The stuff you are going to definitely need include: a pair of rubber gloves, a comb, old clothes or bed sheets, a plastic bag with hair clips, and old towel and a timer (an ordinary clock will do).

Before you begin you should never forget to do the allergy test and the strand test. Make a mixture of the hair dye and smear a very small portion of the inside of your elbow with the stuff. If you are allergic to the mixture you will develop a small rash in no time at all. The strand test can be performed along with the allergy test. Saturate one strand of your hair with the dye and leave it there for 20 minutes and then wash it off. If your hair turns green or purple or any other color other than what you want then get rid of the dye. If not then proceed to color your hair.

Cover yourself with the old clothes or bed covering to prevent any hair dye from dripping on your skin. Use the comb or the dye brush to apply the dye on your hair working from the roots up to the ends of the hair. Ensure that you apply the dye evenly. Use the comb to spread the gunk in your hair and smooth out all the lumps that may form. Cover you hair with the plastic bag, twist the bag to tighten and secure it, and then keep it in place with the hair clips. The heat from your scalp will help the dye to cure and make the color hold fast.

Make sure that your timer is set to the time according to the instructions. Never leave the dye in the hair longer than stipulated because the chemicals in the dye are not very goods for your skin. If you want to have better results then dispose of the plastic bag and use a hair dryer to dry the hair.

When your time is up you can hop into the shower and run the water through your hair till the water runs clear. Do not apply shampoo yet, just finish off with the after dye conditioner that should be in the hair dye kit. That’s it, you are ready to dry your new hair with a dryer and hit the streets. Just one line of advice – never try to die your eyebrows or eyelashes, the results can be very drastic for some people.

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