How To Ask For Bonus

How To Ask For Bonus

How To Ask For Bonus - How To Ask For A Salary Increase - Tips About Asking For Bonus » How To Ask For BonusIf you are already working in a fantastic job, but looking to get an upgrade – ‘salary hike,’ and don’t quite know where to begin, read through our career special on ways to request a raise in your salary, right here.

Asking for something extra with existing job perks is done best with a smart, not work-hard attitude. So, read and apply these clever strategies other men who’ve been there and done that reveal to us, as these are some of the best tips about asking for bonus

Firstly, your superior must be able to see where any special efforts by you have shown measurable results, especially where the company has benefited. So don’t assume that your boss will be aware you deserve a bonus, if you have not drawn his or her attention to your work.

Rectify this and set the stage for asking for that raise by adequate planning beforehand. Show proof of your efforts in the form of reports, documentation and charts that make it evident to your boss that your request for increment is justified. If it is a team effort then you include the other’s efforts too; if your company gained profits at any time during the year for extra initiative shown by you, express this casually over the water cooler meeting.
Lots of companies use a system of recompense bonus, where the bonus is related to the current salary drawn; e.g. for those billing 50 grand annually, the raise would be in the range of twenty thousand dollar, so the net take-away package would be a cool seventy thousand dollar that year! In recent times, more companies prefer this approach – i.e. incentive based raises as it drives employees to give in additional effort and consideration into their daily tasks.

However, to remain a good employee and not get side-tracked by the ‘extras’ one can make is the key to achieving a balance outlook towards securing the raise; if you are desperate, it will show and you may mar your chances of ever getting the big B= bonus.

Take on projects that allow more scope in personal judgment to show through and which are winning propositions that you can measure results for, as these assignments will surely grant you chances for recording performances that are above average.

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