How To Avoid Common Health Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Health Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Health Mistakes - Some Common Health Mistakes Women Make » Health Mistakes Women Must Seriously AvoidMany women consider themselves impervious when it comes to diseases. They believe all diseases they know of are others’ headaches and they will never fall for them. Do you believe that you are doing all the right things to remain healthy?

Are you under the mythical belief that diseases are not for you as you follow all the right practises? Take a look at these mistakes and decide whether you are really impervious to diseases and infections…

Calcium intake

Are you sure that you are getting enough calcium from the food you take? Do you take supplements daily if you are middle aged and on the road to menopause? Do you take an excess of calcium supplements that may put you at a heart risk? Women of all ages require calcium on a daily basis, especially menopausal women who are at risk of osteoporosis and bone thinning disorders.

Ensure that you include food rich in calcium and add supplements with the advice of a doctor. Post menopausal women may put themselves at risk of heart diseases if they take excessive calcium supplements. Talk to your healthcare provider to decide on the right dosage to avoid complications.


Exercise keeps our bones and muscles supple and free from joint disorders. As they grow old, women must ensure that they stay within the limits of their BMI to avoid knee pain and joint disorders.

Many women shy away from exercise as they are too tired or believe that they are too old to go for running, jogging, swimming or cycling. Regular exercise will not only keep you in shape, but also help you keep away from heart and bone diseases and prevent your risk of getting cancer and other life threatening diseases.


It’s become a habit for women, especially homemakers, to much on snacks and other calorific food whenever they feel like or while watching their favourite tele series. They are adding diseases on to their already ‘blown to bursting point’ body and waiting for chronic conditions like diabetes and blood pressure problems to invade them.

Add to it the risk of cancers due to lifestyle changes. Make sure that you stay healthy and eat healthy. It is the women in the house who have to make sure that your family stays healthy.

Synthetic underwear

Are you in the habit of wearing nylon underwear? Any tight fitting intimate apparels are great contributors to infections like yeast and vaginitis. Tight clothes, especially during summer months make way for sweating and cultivation of bacteria in the private parts. Hot, synthetic clothes like nylon are more dangerous as they curtail circulation of air and create skin infections and diseases. Ensure that you wear good cotton underclothes.

Yearly physical checkup

As awareness about breast cancer and cervical cancer has increased, women have now become very conscious and have started undertaking regular pap smears, mammography and self examination routines.

While they ensure that these diseases are kept at bay, they forget about the other problems that are equally important like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases and many other cancerous growths that do not come under the scanner of a mammography or a pap smear. It is very important to go for a full body physical check up every one or two years after the age of forty to prevent diseases of all types.

OTC drugs

Many women have the habit of popping over- the- counter drugs for headaches, backaches and many other problems they consider as not necessary to visit a doctor. Improper use or frequent use of OTCs can be dangerous and lead you to have many side effects or become drug resistant.

Who knows, the symptoms that you face could be part of some more serious disease which you are trying to suppress through OTC drugs. If you have the habit of taking OTC drugs for every small ailment you come across, stop it now! Mild aches and pains can be tolerated and can be busted with home remedies or just a good night’s sleep. If your problem persists, do not hesitate to consult a doctor for further check up.

Smoking and alcohol

Alcohol intake and smoking have become fashionable ways by which women can gain an edge over others. Many of us fail to understand that we are the bearers of progeny and have to keep ourselves healthy for procreation. Apart from that there is also the risk of falling for cancerous tumours in the lungs, heart diseases, early menopause, irregular periods and also infertility.

Women have to pay dearly when they have bad habits as compared to men who are not directly involved in the procreation process. Keep away from bad habits and you will have better health and longer life.

Unprotected Sex

Have you had sex without protection even once? Then you are at risk of contracting AIDS, PID, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, HPV and many more infections that are life threatening. As it happens, many of us think that having unprotected sex once in a blue moon will not cause any risk of infection. That ‘one time’ could be your killer.

If you have multiple partners and practice unhealthy sex, you need to have second thoughts about your actions. Use protection always and practise monogamy if you are married. HPV infections can lead to cervical and vaginal cancers, and PID and Gonorrhoea can lead to infertility if left untreated. You can pass on hepatitis infections to your other sexual partners if you do not use condoms.

Postponing a visit to the doctor

Whether it is work that is keeping you from visiting the doctor when you have dire symptoms that need attention or other familial commitments, the habit has to be dealt with to avoid grave situations or progression of disease, resulting in irrevocable damages to the body.

Almost all women have a tendency to postpone visits to the doctor whether they are busy or otherwise. It could be a fear that something terrible is going to happen or a belief that symptoms will fade away on their own and do not need medical attention. Many have fallen prey to cancers and heart attacks and lost their precious lives. Don’t add yourself in that category.

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