How To Avoid Fatigue During Pregnancy

How To Avoid Fatigue During Pregnancy

How To Avoid Fatigue During Pregnancy - Causes and Prevention of Fatigue During PregnancyFatigue is reported by many women during their pregnancy. Such a symptom is quite obvious as body of a female is working day and night for creating required environment for the growing baby.

Pregnancy fatigue can also lead to sleeplessness in some women. Sometimes, due to increased levels of hormones like progesterone also, a pregnant woman can suffer from fatigue.

Mostly, pregnancy fatigue is encountered in first trimester, as the body is preparing itself for pregnancy. Energy level generally increase during the second trimester. However, in the third trimester, fatigue may be felt again, as the body prepares itself for the labor and child birth. With increased weight in the third trimester, fatigue can result in lot of discomfort.

There are certain measures that can be taken for fighting pregnancy fatigue. First of all, a pregnant woman must go to bed early. A pregnant woman must take as much sleep as she can. This is good for her as well as for the growing baby. For avoiding fatigue during the pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, a pregnant woman must take a nap.

A nap of 15 minutes is enough for the body to get rest. A woman may find herself in high spirits after each nap. For avoiding the energy levels to go down during pregnancy due to fatigue, it is essential that a woman eats many mini-meals during the day. This prevents inadequate nutrition and thus, sluggishness. A pregnant woman must avoid junk food, as these do not provide enough nutrients to the body. Rather, she must eat food substances rich in vitamins and minerals.

Exercise is considered as very important during the pregnancy. Though it may seem very tiring, taking exercise regularly can help a woman in avoiding pregnancy fatigue. If she is feeling very tired, she can go for a slow walk so that she can get fresh air.

By doing exercises, production of endorphins is increased in the body, which helps in getting relieved from fatigue. Exercise also leads to increased circulation of blood, which in turn, results in availability of more energy in the body. There are certain types of yoga exercises that prove very useful regarding pregnancy fatigue.

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