How To Avoid Pimples

How To Avoid Pimples

How To Avoid Pimples - Ways To Prevent Pimples - Tips To Get Rid Of PimplesOne of the most common skin problems that most teenage girls face is that of pimples. While a lot many times these occur because of hormonal changes that are normal at the time of puberty, there are other reasons too that contribute to the growth of pimples. These include faulty diets, poor lifestyle habits, no skin care regime etc.

The food that we eat has a direct connection with our skin health. If we consume too much of oily food, it is going to increase the oil quotient in our body, which will cause intestinal problems, and will eventually lead to pimples. This is the reason why skin experts suggest that we eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables, so that all the unwanted toxins from our body are washed out, and we have a clean and well functioning system.

Drinking a lot of water also helps. It helps to maintain the body temperature, and keeps the system clean.

Of course, environmental factors such as humid air, extreme amount of dirt and pollution etc. are also to be blamed. But you can fight against such things by making sure that you follow good skin care tips. Make sure that you wash your face at least 4 or 5 times daily. It is not necessary to wash it each time with soap or cleansers. Plain water too can clean your skin equally well and does wonders!

When selecting cosmetics and other skin care products such as sunscreens, face washes etc., make sure that you select only good brands. Also see to it that the products are suited for your skin type. Sometimes, there are certain chemical compositions, which do not suit our skin type. So it is best to have a check with a skin expert before you buy products. He/she will be able to advise you better on what you should use.

Too many facial treatments, face packs and other such beauty techniques should be avoided. Each parlor or salon has different kinds of treatments, and it is not necessary that all of them are good for your skin. Most of the times, these treatments play with the natural growth and development of your skin cells, as a result of which you get excessive pimples.

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