How to Avoid Traffic Accidents

How to Avoid Traffic Accidents

How to Avoid Traffic Accidents - How to Avoid Road Accidents - How to Avoid Accidents While Driving » Ways to avoid accidents on roadHey party people, always keep in mind that driving is not an exercise to vent up your pent-up anger on the world. But driving is just an act that helps you to reach point A to point B. here are some effective ways written below in this article that can certainly help in avoiding accidents, crashes on roads-just read them out!

Get your regular eye check-ups done
Don’t forget to get your eye check-ups done. Undoubtedly you are growing old everyday. And your eyesight isn’t exactly as great as it was during college, when you could peep into the girls’ changing room and actually see. So equip your eyes with suitable lenses for vision defects, sun’s glare or other needs. Remember that women too dig men with glasses, so give yourself that much-needed mature look.

Be easy at night time
Don’t fly by night. No doubt the roads are pretty empty after midnight, but that does not mean that you can jet-set on them. Remember that as night falls, visibility also dips. You may have the perfect eyesight but you don’t have night vision, do you? Making out bumps, cracks and objects on the road is tough in the dark. So stay sharp, go slow and please don’t high –beam oncoming traffic!

Switch off your mobile phone
Whenever your cell phone trills, undoubtedly your attention gets diverted. So keep your cell either switched off or on silent mode. Later you can always talk up with the caller.

Wear your seatbelts

Seatbelts are not show pieces. If you are cruising ahead in excess of 10 kph and you have to stand on the brakes, this belt will make sure that you don’t crash your pretty face into the steering wheel or the windscreen. So don’t forget to wear it!

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