How To Avoid Women Molestation

How To Avoid Women Molestation

How To Avoid Women Molestation - Tips To Prevent Women Abuse & Safety Advice For Women In Public Place » Woman Abuse And MolestationMolestation is a serious menace in today’s world leading perverts to look lecherously at body parts, make lewd remarks and gestures, touch, hard pinch, rub against women’s bodies and do all sorts of filthy acts.

Be it a local lady, a school girl or a foreigner, it is the sordid saga of every woman everywhere. So before depending on the police to come into picture or public to come in aid, let us share some tips that would prevent women from falling a prey to such situations.

Avoid crowded public conveyances as they are obvious dens of molesters and you would not get much chance to protect yourself. A late night return back home must be with a male escort or a private vehicle of your own.

Avoid taking lifts from strangers or share a cab or any other private vehicle of an unknown person. Be cautious when you are in a shopping mall, streets, cinema hall or festivals where there are chances of getting caught in the crowd. While you are all alone in a public place, facing lewd comments and lecherous stares, immediately leave that place or inform any police you might spot or a descent gentleman around to escort you out before things get uglier.

Avoid too much conversation with unknown shopkeepers, cabbies as this gives undue encouragements to “men with motives”. In situations while you are touring alone or two without a big group, decline requests of any man to take his snap. On your turn too do not take any man to take your snap.

Avoid traveling to unknown countries, cities or towns alone, without proper protection, security and information of the place. In a hotel, while touring, if a hotel employee offers help as a part of his service, skeptical. Judge very alertly and then come to a conclusion before taking help. While walking on deserted roads remain aware of those behind you.

Not only a pick-pocket but a pervert may also be at your back. Do not indulge in unnecessary expose of body or wearing dresses that might fall out of place. A skimpily clad woman going to market or cinema hall is more liable to be victimized. So dressing according to situation is crucial. While partying or in a discotheque, stay away from drunks to avoid getting molested.

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