How to Be a Gentleman

How to Be a Gentleman

How to Be a Gentleman - Tips on How to Be a Gentleman - Qualities of a Gentleman | Tips on - Find TipsEvery lady likes a gentleman. To be a gentleman you need not be extraordinarily smart but thoughtful and sensitive towards ladies. If you have too much of attitude and arrogance probability is high that you won’t be liked by the ladies. Below are some of the handy tips on how to be a gentleman. Read on to find more.

Be a patient listener
One of the best qualities of a gentleman is that he is a good listener. Whether the lady is complaining about something, or simply expressing her joy make sure you are attentive to what she says.

Be polite
Ladies definitely do not like profanity. Do not use vulgar language in a lady’s presence. You are required to be as polite and courteous as possible.

Control over emotions

When you are around with a lady or ladies make sure that you have a good control over your actions and emotions. If you show your aggravations and annoyances too often it will indicate to the lady that you are still immature but if you are level headed she will realize that you can take care of any situations without much ado.

Give her enough space
Etiquette of a gentleman is that he makes the lady as comfortable as possible. This also includes not staring at her. If you begin to stare at her it might put her in a very uncomfortable situation which might incite her to flee away. But mind you, maintaining an eye contact is equally important.

Be Attentive when they speak
The first step to be a gentleman and to be nice to ladies is to pay them attention. It is important that you show interest in them and make them feel important. Ask them about their likings, interests, hobbies etc.


Ladies simply love men who are spic and span. Make sure that you are always kempt and clothes are neatly ironed.

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