How to Be a Good Mother in Law

How to Be a Good Mother in Law

How to Be a Good Mother in Law - Being a Good Mother-In-Law - Be a Good Mother in Law | Tips on - Find TipsMother-in-laws generally have the habit of gossiping a lot. So avoid this first, if you want to be a good mother- in- law.

Know your daughter-in-laws likes and dislikes and act accordingly. Don’t irritate her by doing all those things which she does not like, at the same time make your daughter-in-law realize, what you would expect from her and let her act accordingly.

Don’t get into too many arguments. Avoid arguments as much as possible. Be silent at that particular movement and when things have settled down; make sure you speak about what you wanted to speak before.

If your daughter-in-law does not know to cook, don’t blame her. Instead try to be her best friend by teaching her how to cook. By doing this you will spend a lot of time together and get to know each other well.

Don’t criticize her parents or relatives for whatever has happened. Remember, she is no more a part of that family. She is a part of your family itself. So give her a lot of dignity and pride.

Give her room to express herself. Praise her for all the good qualities she has, the achievements she has done, at the same time, if you feel she has to improve somewhere make sure you are telling this in very soft and soothing language. Never try to de-grade her.

Make yourself a very trust worthy mother-in-law. If she has told you something or you know something about her which nobody else knows, don’t use this as a tool to destroy her. Instead take her into total confidence by keeping it as a secret itself.

Don’t try to change her completely. If she is traditional, adjust yourself to this. If she is too modern, try to change a bit for her sake.

Understand her feelings. If she is not as comfortable with you as her parents, realize that it is because she has been with them for years and years together. Don’t scold her for not getting adjusted. She is a human being and not an instant coffee to get adjusted to any sort of environment.

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