How to be a Good Teacher

How to be a Good Teacher

How to be a Good Teacher - What Makes a Good Teacher | Tips on - Find TipsAlong with the degree you have for teaching, first you as a teacher should have understood all the concepts well. You should not be in a diploma anything when you are teaching a subject.

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Assume yourself being a computer science teacher, and then make sure to know the whole syllabus and its contents well in advance. Even if somebody asks a question about your subject in your dream also, you should be able to answer that question.

Never try learning only for the next day. This never works. Kids will have a lot of questions about each thing since they are inquisitive to know. The kids themselves are very smart and have a lot of information on hand before you teach them, so be sure to know about the topic more than any of the kids.

Never keep the book in front of you, when you are teaching. This shows that you are a pathetic teacher.

Be ready with all the slides necessary for the next day. If it is about internet, browse and collect all the information about internet and have a ppt for this. When you teach you should only teach through this ppt (using a projector).

It is always better if you teach them on-line. This is possible only if all the kids are provided with computers. The kids are working on-line and learning things. May be you are teaching them MS.Word, and then show them how to do it on your screen and allow them to do it on their own, in their computers. Theoretical knowledge is necessary but what is needed is the practical knowledge. So give them as much practical sessions as possible.

If a child asks a question and you don’t know the answer, make sure you have given the answer the same day or the next day. Browse the net and find the answer.

Upgrade yourself every now and then. Up gradations come often and there is no other go except to upgrade yourself to all these things.

If there are talks about new technologies, never miss it, attend it. You will get a lot of information from these seminars.

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