How to Be a Perfect Woman

How to Be a Perfect Woman


How to Be a Perfect Woman - Perfect Young Woman - How Should Perfect Women Look Like » A perfect womanIrrespective of the gender, we all aspire to reach some level of perfection, although we are fully aware that there is no such thing as a perfect human being.  Each and every person has his or her idea of what perfection is.  Every woman aspires to be the best she can for her man, but what do men regard as the perfect woman

Above all men, look for youth. That’s because their subconscious mind feels that a young woman is able to bear them more children. Â That also explains in part why men prefer a larger breast size and larger hips. Â Thus, the physical shape of women’s body is important to men. Â

Next, consider the face. The most desirable facial proportion is analogous to the mathematical expression phi. Â The face should remain simple and natural, with fuller lips and thinner eyelids. Choice of hair color varies, but darker shades are often preferred among men.

A more recent change in what men find attractive is odd. Â Women are expected to retain their femininity, yet behave like men. For instance a woman should never lose her temper, but rather remain calm in critical situations and be supportive of her partner. A woman who loses her temper or is seen as emotional is labeled as weak. Â

No man wants to hear long, strenuous stories about relationships. Women are expected to be well-mannered, gentle and attentive to the needs of her man.

Amongst women’s habits, men find it most detestable to accompany them shopping. Women would rather go shopping on their own or with friends, as hopping from one shop to another is no fun for any man. On the contrary it is plain torture and exhausting to men.

Now, with regard to the domestic arena, both men and women are expected to contribute to the running of the household. Â In this instance, women get a chance to decide what the man should do and many women relish this role because they can give the man orders.

 If men fail to take immediate action, women create a scene. Such rows irritate men, and they complain that they have been rubbed the wrong way.

And last but not least, men find activities in the bedroom to be highly important. Â Women are expected to be just as involved in sex as men are. Women are expected to be imaginative and agreeable to trying new ideas and positions. Â This demonstrates the woman’s interest in making this an important part of their relationship.

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