How to Be Beautiful

How to Be Beautiful

How to Be Beautiful - Tips For Being Beautiful & Skin And Body Care Guide » Directions To Uphold BeautyThere are many essentialities mandatory for maintaining beauty and fashion. The general possessions required are as under. One is bound to get beautiful,once these tips are followed.

Smooth Skin

Almonds in a dry pack are used to apply on dry skin.Almonds are very favourable to the skin !! A coarse powder of almonds, mixed with some wheet bran, one white egg and yoghurt paste should be used practically on the face and rubbed off in spherical motion after 20 minutes and washed off. This entire process will help to make the skin even.

Smooth Back

When the skin irritates a lot in the backside, the same should not be scratched, too hardly.Instead, a few drops of olive oil should be added. Dynamic scrubbing of the back can lead to discrepancy of the oil and cause roughness and itching.

Nice Hair

Usage of beer is another way in some countries to get rid of dirty hair. Just raise the beer with moderate water, helping your hair to seep for the best results. Half a cup is enough.

No Black Heads

Black Heads are nothing, but a build up of impurities and other oily pollutants in the pores of the skin. The skin should be washed properly every time and cared for, so that it can avoid black heads.One can also use about 4 teaspoons of oatmeal, plain yoghurt, juice of one lemon and olive. Apply to skin and wait for 10 minutes before washing with cold water. This should come away with a permanent cure for blackheads.

Cleaned Combs

This is a necessity for tidiness of the hair. We should grasp the comb delicately and extract the impurities from the same using safety pins. This way, the hair will settle down when they are combed and remain in good physical shape.

Bath Soaking

Having a bath tub, but not wanting to splurge on bath salts can be troubling. In such cases, powdered milk is a great product to be added to your bath water. This leads to a soft skin and the milky smell can be removed by using a rose or lavender oil. This will lead to an aromatic smell around your body and people will end up appreciating you.

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