How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth - Tips to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth - Brushing Your CatIf you are hearing this for the first time then it may feel funny. But it is a truth that your cat may have teeth problems just like you. They are also susceptible to the problems of the inadequate oral hygiene. They may also have tooth decay and diseases that affect the bone and gum around the teeth.

You can avoid all these problems with regular brushing habit. You have to start this from an early stage itself so that your kitten will have a habit of brushing its teeth regularly. All you need is patience and trickiness that makes your cat to accept brushing.

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

1. First you have to find a toothbrush and tooth paste specially designed or made for a kitten. Never try to brush your cat’s teeth with your tooth paste as it may become fatal for the kitten. Like wise the human tooth brushes are not formulated for feline oral cavity. Tooth paste mends for cats are specially flavored to charm the taste buds of the cat.

2. Try to find out a tooth brush type that suits over your fingertips. Because it will give you a little more ascendancy and also makes your cat to feel somewhat less punctured or hurt.

3. It’s better to develop the habit of brushing the teeth when your kitten is young. You can also teach an adult cat but needs more tricks and patience.

4. As a first step to teach the kitten, you can offer something like a tooth brush or even tooth brush to your kitten to have in its mouth.

5. Offer a little of the tooth paste on your finger to the kitten. Let him to lick the paste and got accustomed to the taste. Once your kitten is got happy with the paste then you can run your finger with the paste over its gum.

6. If your kitten is comfortable with the brushing with the fingers then you can slowly adopt the tooth brush brushing.

7. Hold your cat with a towel and keep it in your lap so that you can brush its teeth comfortably.

8. Start from the back end teeth and move towards the front with circular motions. Repeat this on the other side and complete the brushing with the top and bottom teeth in the front.

Always brush your cat’s teeth softly and make sure that you are not hurting it.

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