How to Build Stronger Triceps

How to Build Stronger Triceps

How to Build Stronger Triceps - Tricep Workout and Tricep Exercises - Exercises for Your Triceps - Tricep Exercises for the Tricep Muscles | Tips on - Find Tips How to Make Good Triceps

Triceps has 3 heads and require stimulation from more different angle. It is essential to build stronger triceps muscle mass & strength, before tonning it and gives them amazing shape.

Important exercises for Triceps:

Lying Triceps Extension:

This exercise is build overall muscle mass in the triceps.

Lie on a bench with knees bent and flat feet. Hands 10 inches apart and hold a bar with overhand grip. Now up the weights until your arms are locked out then keeps the elbows stationary and return to the starting position.
Keep your whole body steady and avoid jerky movements.

Triceps Cable Pressdowns:

Hold a small bar (hook to the pulley) with an overhand close grip. Press the bar down as far as possible keeps your body steady and elbows locked. Now release and get back to starting position. For variation, you will do Arms blaster pressdowns, Triceps pressdowns with a reverse grip and One arm cable reverse pressdowns.

Bench Dips Exercise:

Hold on to the edge of a bench and put your heels on the other bench in front of you. Lower your body and make your triceps work while keeping your elbow stationary. Now from this extended position press upwards and get back to start point.

Dumbbell Extensions or One Arm Triceps Extension:

Sit on a bench with a dumbbell held straight over your head. Now without moves your elbow lowers the dumbbell, then extended your arm & gets a full triceps extension. Repeat this exercise on the other hand after finishing the one hand set.

All these exercises are the most important to build overall muscle mass in the triceps. For variation you can try lying dumbbell extensions, weighted bench dips, lying triceps extension and dumbbell kickbacks.

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