How to Buy a Digital Camera

How to Buy a Digital Camera

How to Buy a Digital Camera - Buy Digital Cameras - How to Purchase Digital Cameras » Are you thinking to buy digital cameraHey girls and guys if you are thinking about buying the digital camera for yourself, then certainly there must be several questions in your mind for searching the best camera for yourself. Whenever you go to market for purchasing the digital camera, make sure you ask the following questions from yourself and then make your choice.

First and foremost ask yourself which type of camera you want? Prioritize the features you want in your camera, based on how often you’ll use them.

Now think about what you want to do with the photos? Ask yourself that do you want to replace your film totally, or just dabbling in new technology? Think you want still print ever photo or store photos on your PC? The answers to these questions will help you decide upon the mega pixels in your camera and also about its price range.

Cameras are available in 1.3-12 mega pixels resolution; think which one you want to buy. For high quality prints, you need a camera with at least 3 mega pixels.

Tiny digital cameras may look handy but can’t physically house all the features. Your need for 10x optical zoom or external flash calls for an average to larger-size camera.

It is true that digital cameras eat up batteries. Make sure the camera you select accepts rechargeable batteries. Battery life is usually covered in camera reviews, so note it. A good camera takes about 100 photos with a single charge.

All digital cameras have a built-in LCD screen. Some offers crisp renditions of photos, others accept hoods to boost visibility, yet others tilt, twist etc. all fun features but consider how you use a camera before deciding. If you need to shoot around the corners or edges, a movable LCD is a good idea.

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