How to Choose a LCD TV

How to Choose a LCD TV

How to Choose a LCD TV - Choosing LCD TV - Buying a LCD TV - LCD Televisions | Tips on - Find TipsLCD or Liquid Crystal Display is a popular technology that is currently being incorporated in the displays of computers and televisions. Flat panel LCD televisions have become the latest fad in the gizmos market. LCD TVs have emerged as a competitor of the plasma television. Compared to the plasma TVs, LCD displays are more lightweight and have a larger life span. These factors make LCD TVs the preferred choice of many TV buyers.


Select a LCD TV according to the size of your room. LCD TVs with displays between 20 to 27 inches could be viewed comfortably from a distance of 2.5 to 5 feet. You should place TVs with screen between 32 and 37 inches, at least six feet away from your seat. 42 to 46 inches TVs should be viewed from a distance of 10 to 14 feet. 50-inch LCD TVs should be placed at least 12 feet away from the viewer.

If you have very large space in your house, you can opt for 55-inch LCD TVs. However, best picture quality is provided by LCD TVs with less than 37-inch displays.

Image Resolution

Best quality pictures are produced by LCD TVs capable of supporting 1080p resolution images. These models are labeled as ‘Full HD’. However, the comparatively cheaper 720p resolution LCD displays, can satisfactorily handle HD signals received from digital broadcasters, Blu-ray or DVD players. These LCD TV models are tagged ‘HD Ready’.

TV connection

To get the best picture quality offered by your LCD TV, you should have an appropriate cable connection. The cable connectivity should be ideal for receiving HD signals. If the LCD TV model has built-in ATSC tuners, it can receive HD signals through antennas. Sometimes cable and ATSC tuners come packed with the television.


Depending on the dimensions of your room and your interior decoration ideas, choose the appropriate wall mount for your TV. Flat wall mounts are most popular. If you use a tilt wall mount, you can view the TV from any part of the room. Table stands can also be used for displaying the TV.

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