How to Choose a Puppy Breeder – Finding a Good Breeder

How to Choose a Puppy Breeder – Finding a Good Breeder

How to Choose a Puppy Breeder – Finding a Good Breeder - Tips to Choose the Right Puppy Breeder | Tips on - Find TipsPuppy Breeder

First decide to bring a little puppy to your life. Then select the breed according to your interest and necessity. Still you have to take important decision before you select your new house mate. It is very important to choose the right puppy breeder. A good breeder should be reputable and knowledgeable person who can advice you in selecting a puppy. If you tell your needs he can select right breed for you. Good breeder always breed best specimen of their chosen breed and would not sell intentionally you a poor specimen.

1. First contact local kennel club, if any, to locate good breeders. Select three or four breeders. When you select few breeders it is always better to get an experienced person to go with you for guidance.

2. You have to watch the cleanliness and appearance of the property of the breeder. It is very important because well maintained kennel can produce healthy pups.

3. Then watch older dogs of the breeder. They should be healthy, well behaved and friendly. Pups should get plenty of human interaction from the start itself.

4. Basic obedience training should be given by the breeder. Ask how often puppies are exposed to strangers. When they meet more people, they would be more comfortable with being handled by all types of people.

5. It is better to see the dam and father (if possible) of the puppies. They should be healthy and friendly. Ask whether dam and sire are registered with the kennel club. If they are registered breeder should register puppies also.

6. Ask the age of the dam. Generally dam is not bred prior to her third season and after seven years of age.

7. The breeder should be ready to take back pup if for any reason it does not work out.

8. You should contact some previous clients of the breeder to determine their satisfaction with the breeder.

9. Breeder should give basic information about the health care advice (vaccination, deworming), feeding schedule etc. Breeder should give all papers outlining the pedigree, whelping date, vaccination records and other details of your puppy.

A good breeder would have always waiting list for puppies. People would be prepared to wait in line for puppies from a good trustworthy breeder. You need not be shy to ask any question to a breeder. A good breeder would not have anything to hide from you.

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