How to Choose a Puppy for Your Home

How to Choose a Puppy for Your Home

How to Choose a Puppy for Your Home - Puppy Choosing Tips - Tips to Select a Healthy Pup - Puppy Feeding Schedules Tips | Tips on - Find TipsChoosing a Puppy
Once you decide to bring a puppy to your home, you must select the size, breed, sex and place from where the puppy should be taken as house mate. You can get a puppy from a dog shop, from a shelter or from a dog breeder. Don’t buy a puppy from a dog shop where you have to pay lot of money, yet knew very little about the puppy. If you purchase from a shelter it is good. You are giving life to an abdoned pup but here also you know very little about the parents of the pup. Best choice is a good reputable puppy breeder.

When you approach a puppy breeder the following points may be taken in to account.

1. It is better to take a experienced person along with you to get his valuable advice. You can take family members also so they would be more satisfied with the new house mate.

2. Check the living condition of the pup. Water and food must be clean. Property of the breeder should be hygienic.

3. First observe the behavior of the puppies. See if puppies come up to you. If they come they would be more docile. Human interaction is better for future training.

4. See puppies interaction you should not take one who is terrorizing others. That would be less obedient and more aggressive. Also don’t prefer a shy puppy. It is difficult to train them and they may be aggressive after two years.

5. If a puppy stares and track you with her eyes you should not take it. It may be aggressive.

6. A perfect puppy likes to play with you and reacts properly to positive behavior.

7. Pick up a pup and place on your lap. It may squirm first but then it should relax. See how it interacts with you. If it is reluctant to mingle with you it may not be a good family pet.

8. You must select a healthy pup. It should be energetic, playful, and alert. Check for fleas and other skin diseases.

9. Age is important. One that is 8 weeks to 3 months is better. Puppies are more receptive at younger age.

10. See the parents. Play with them. So that you can get an idea about what the grown up puppy would be.

11. You should get all records pertaining to the puppy from the breeder, pedigree certificate, vaccination details, deworming particulars and feeding schedules etc.

A good pet is wonderful companion to you, but wrong pet would be a headache.

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