How To Choose Right Handbags For Your Body

How To Choose Right Handbags For Your Body

How To Choose Right Handbags For Your Body - Buying Handbags That Complement Your Body Type & A Designer Handbag To Flatter Your Body Type » Great Handbags For Your BodyJust as important as your clothes, are your accessories. Many women take painstakingly long time to choose their outfit, makeup, shoes and jewellery. But when it comes to the handbag that they have to team with their dress, they just shrug and make do with whatever is is at their disposal.

If you are a type who carries a whole lot of things around, you could just be plain lazy to change your handbag along with your outfit as it involves shifting a whole lot of things every now and then

Hourglass Figure

If you have an hour glass figure, you have it lucky! You can get away with all sorts of gimmicks. Be it big, small, medium or enormous handbags, all fit into your perfect body without creating any flaws in your body as there are absolutely no flaws to highlight!

Plus Size

Now comes women who are plus size. These women are not so lucky! If they thought they can carry huge bags with all their stuff stored inside, they are soon going to be the laughing stock in their neighbourhood. Plus size women must take great care while choosing their handbags.

Let’s assess your body realistically. If you have big breasts, throw away all those small bags with small straps .You can also forget about big bags that rest under your armpits. This will add girth to your already wide bust line. Go for bags with long shoulder straps so that you give an illusion of length. But if you have wide hips, make sure that your bag is not in line with your hips.

Go for a medium size bag which is in proportion to your body and a strap length that will make your bag rest somewhere near your waist or way below your hips. You could also think of great looking purses instead of handbags so that you divert attention to your purse rather than to your body.

Plump and short

Short women are always at loggerheads as to what would suit them and have a tough time matching things to their body shape. Remember, you have two flaws that increase your girth. So don’t keep adding more things that add to your girth or highlight them. Big bags do just that! Highlight your girth and height.

Look for stylish bags that are eye catching and small. Small bags keep your body proportionate and do not over emphasize your weight and short stature. Make sure that you keep the length of the bag in such a way that it does not rest in flabby areas. Either keep them long if you have big breasts or short and above the hips if you have thunder thighs.

If you do not have a defined waistline, it’s better not to use shoulder bags. You can go for handbags that you can hold in your hand. Try going for an elegant style that attracts attention. Bold colours may be considered depending on the outfit you are wearing. If you still cannot forget big shoulder bags, you can stick to colours that do not stand out like browns, black, beige etc.

Tall women

Tall women need not worry about choosing the wrong handbag. They almost always get them right as almost all handbags look good on tall women, except maybe if you are painfully thin.

In that case, you have to make some wise choices. Do not go for small bags and long straps which will make you look like a post. Stick to big bags. There are totes, hobo bags, duffels, satchels, baguettes and many more styles to choose from. Do not go for anything enormously big as it will overwhelm you.

You can try soft round shapes for your hand bags as they will add more volume to your stick figure. Also adding some embellishment and texture to your bag helps to make your lean figure look little more fleshy. Bags with many layers and pockets can be a good idea. So will bags that have bold designs, bows and prints.

If you are tall and busty, play down on your bust size by keeping your bag length closer to your waist and hip. For tall women with wide hips and small breasts, reduce the length of your bag so that it can stay under your arm and closer to your bust line. This will add some width to your breasts and make you look proportionate.

Fat Body Type

Being fat, you must not choose big bags. Neither should you choose small bags! That puts you in a fix. Anything that is big or small can accentuate your fatty body. So stick to medium size bags that are in proportion to your body. As you are fat, you probably do not have a definition anywhere in your body. So bags must be kept away from most of the upper body part. Concentrate on long straps that go way below your hip.

Look for beautiful structured bags that people will keep taking second glances at, at the time you are present in the room. As you are round, you must look for rectangular or square shaped bags that will reduce your rounded look.

You have successfully shifted attention from your body to your bag. You can also think of using hand bags instead of shoulder bags. Long clutches too maybe a possibility instead of shoulder bags as clutches are mostly rectangular shaped.

A general advice for all body shapes while choosing bags would be to look for bags that are opposite in size of their body shape. For instance, if you are tall and thin, go for bigger and rounder bags and if you have pointed shoulders that are wide, you must go for softer geometrical shapes like a circle, oval etc. while choosing bags. Same goes with a plus size or voluptuous woman. She must go for something more sharp and geometrical to sharpen her round and curvaceous body.

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