How To Choose The Right Socks

How To Choose The Right Socks

How To Choose The Right Socks - Tips For Choosing Mens Socks - Rules For Shopping Mens Socks » Choose The Right SocksMany men think it does not matter what kinds of socks they wear. Perhaps they believe this is a discreet part of office wear and since it is hidden it does not really matter. Nothing can be further than the truth. Would you like to get caught with your trousers slipping up and showing off your socks that are grossly mismatched to your attire?

The color of the socks is important. Never select socks that match your shoes. It is the pants that the socks need to match. Wear white socks when you want to go to the gym or play outdoors but it is a strict no-no when it comes to formal dressing. Never wear contrasting socks to your pants. This is sure way of drawing attention to yourself.

The fit is another important factor for your socks. Never wear socks that tend to drop down and bunch up near the ankles. Socks that are not too tight but are tight enough will be a good choice for you.

The thickness of your socks is something that should change with the occasion. If you are going to a formal occasion you should choose to wear thin socks. The thicker variety is best worn for games and informal gatherings.

For formal programs just go with the plain or pin striped socks at best. Never wear patterned socks to meetings. Big patterns never really impress the boss. Remember that your pants will slide up a bit to expose your socks when you sit down. So if you have any socks with the broad joker horizontal stripes, get rid of them this minute.

Finally and most importantly, change your socks every day. Never ignore this rule. Get yourself a good stock of socks as you will have to occasionally throw out the ones that develop holes. Imagine the situation where you have to remove your shoes and get caught with dirty or torn socks. You definitely don’t want that.

Next time you buy yourself a pair of pants, try to pick up a matching pair of socks with it. It will make things all the better for you when you dress up for an occasion.

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