How To Choose The Right Tie » 8 Effective Steps And Guidelines To Choose A Tie

How To Choose The Right Tie » 8 Effective Steps And Guidelines To Choose A Tie

How To Choose The Right Tie » 8 Effective Steps And Guidelines To Choose A TieFashion accessories play an important role in providing an enhancement to the outfit and one such accessory is a necktie. It is an indication of your status. It also indicates your personality, respect for your position and sense of style.

Different styles of ties are meant for different occasions like for boardroom meetings and for fun and parties, different styles are designed. Neckties are embellishment of the suits. Most of the organizations and companies have subtle dress codes but many of them have highly professional ones.

So, wearing a necktie becomes a compulsion. In addition, they should be complementing the suit and the style and color of the shirt. There are end numbers of styles, patterns and designs are available in the market. There are too many designs available so to choose the right one from them is very difficult.

If you are not sure of the style and pattern of tie then it is better to buy a tie with a simple design and pattern. If you want your style to be perfect, make sure that the tie should be ideal. Following guidelines can really help you to make a perfect and right choice!

Shape, Style And Pattern Should Complement The Shirt

The ties with particular pattern, some designs that includes stripes, polka dots and geometric shapes are available in the market. Some ties are available with the peculiar features. They are designed keeping fun in mind, logos like cartoon characters, landscape etc. that are especially meant for particular occasions but not for boardroom meeting and official parties.

How To Choose The Right Tie » 8 Effective Steps And Guidelines To Choose A Tie

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For interviews, meetings the choice of the tie should be conventional. Make sure that your shirt, suit and your tie complement each other. In addition, make one thing clear in your mind that striped ties are best with the plain shirts and plain ties with the striped shirts.

Complement the textures and patterns of clothing with the tie. The width of the ties also depends on the broadness of shirt collar. Wide shirt collar with narrow neckties and the narrow collar with broad neckties are not apt.

British And American Style Ties

The stripe pattern that is from top right to lower left is British style and styles from the top left to lower right is American style. These styles are worn with the particular style of suits. British style ties go with the French and British style suits and American style ties with the American and Italian style suits. So make the choice accordingly.

Fabric Of The Necktie

The fabric should be strong enough to make a good knot. Various fabrics of ties are available in the market like polyester, silk, cotton and wool. All the types of fabrics are going in the fashion but in this mainly the choice matters.

How To Choose The Right Tie » 8 Effective Steps And Guidelines To Choose A Tie

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Silk ties are very popular and have certain good features too. Silk ties drape well. They are wrinkle resistant too. Silk ties are suitable for formal or boardroom meetings. Tie should never have frays or loose threads. The fabric should be of that kind which suits your outfit and look the best.

Color Of The Tie

Selection of colors should be done like the selection of pattern. Make your tie, suit and shirt complement each other. Wear it according to the season, dark colors are appropriate for the winters. The lighter colored ties go well with dark shirt and vice versa.

How To Choose The Right Tie » 8 Effective Steps And Guidelines To Choose A Tie

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Ties should be lighter than the jacket and darker than the shirt. Wear dull ties if you are planning to wear on bright colored shirts and if your jacket is plain or some regular color then wear a bright tie with a pattern to compliment the jacket. Beside the ties, which have patterns, keep a stock of solid color ties because they never go out of fashion.

Length Of The Tie

Length of the necktie should be 55-57 inch. However, there is no exact length of the tie. The bottom tip of the tie should reach the buckle of the belt. Moreover, the length of the tie should depend upon the height of the person. Long ties are suitable for taller people and persons who wear short tie with large knot have the characteristics of high confidence level.

Appropriate Tie For The Suitable Occasion

Ties are one of those accessories, which add grace to the personality. Therefore, there should be appropriate tie for the apt occasion. Unique designs and cartoon characters are never suitable for business meetings and on the professional front.

How To Choose The Right Tie » 8 Effective Steps And Guidelines To Choose A Tie

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Simple and solid colors are appropriate for the meetings and professional parties. Synchronization with the occasion is must. For example, bright and colorful ties should go for the festivals, dark colored and black ties for the grave occasion.

Make Sure Of The Apt Quality

Brand and label obviously plays a very important role in the quality. In that case, make sure that the tie should hang up without twisting. They should be highly wrinkle resistant and do not have loose threads.

According To Your Face Cut And Complexion

If you have a sturdy and sharp face, then you should wear striped ties. Dotted and printed ties looks good on the small faces. Otherwise, solid colors look good on everybody. Keep the complexion of your skin in mind select the color of the tie so that it would not look odd or inappropriate.

When you go to buy the tie in the market make sure that you are carrying your suit or your shirt because that will make the task easier and will help you to find an awesome match. Get your other accessories accordingly like cuff lings etc, it should match your outfit and does not give a vague appearance.

So just, follow the steps given above to choose a perfect tie. The selection of the tie fully depends upon the occasion, color and your face cut and complexion. Make sure that you balance and complement all the things together. Remember that wearing an appropriate and right tie provides an additional charm to your appearance as well as personality.

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