How to Choose Window Curtains

How to Choose Window Curtains

How to Choose Window Curtains - Interior Decorating Tips » Window Curtain Draping StylesCurtains certainly are one of the most important parts of the interior decoration of our homes. They must be chosen with care. They are available in many designs, colours and styles. Choosing a curtain for your home involves a lot of research work.It depends on which room you are going to put them in, what are the colors of the wall and the furniture, and which style of interior décor you are following.
All these factors ascertain your choice of curtains.

Once you have chosen the best looking curtain for your home, next come drapery. They are many draping styles that could be followed in order to make your home look more elegant and beautiful. The first one is the usual straight drape style. In this style you let the curtain fall to the floor level or the window level in a simple manner. This manner could be adopted if your curtains are made up of a lighter material or if it has a net design. They give a flowing and a beautiful look.

The second comes the tied back draping style. If your house has very elite and elegant furniture and a beautiful wall paper done on the walls, try out tying back the curtain from its center. This also lets fresh air keep the room breezy and the curtain keep on maintaining the beautiful look of the room.

Another way that could be tried upon is the tying of the curtain with a silk band that is available with curtains. They have fringes hanging from them that give a very sophisticated look to the room. The curtain could also be tied high instead of tying from the centre. That adds a twist to its look.

If you want to give your room a royal look go for lengths that make the curtain fall on the floor. Around fifteen centimetres of curtain length flowing on the floor would be perfect.

The pull back curtains also called the tuxedo curtains are great to add a zing to the look of the room. They get fixed on their place and give a very chic look to the room.

So try out new styles of curtain drapes and make your own style statement.

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