How to Clean Your Bird's Cage Weekly

How to Clean Your Bird's Cage Weekly

How to Clean Your BirdIf you are rearing a pet parrot in your house then you have to take time to clean your pet’s cage also. Make a fixed schedule of cleaning the cage thoroughly in every week. It will keep your bird out of the diseases and infections and will also help you to maintain healthy living for your parrot.

1. Place your bird in a safe place in your home. Ensure that it is safe from other pets in your home and also make sure that it won’t fly away through the open door and windows.

2. Take out all the toys, food and water bowls, perches etc from the cage.

3. Take the cage out from its hanging position and keep it down. Remove the detachable tray at the bottom of the cage and wash it properly. If the cage doesn’t have any detachable bottoms then place the cage upside down and waggle it to remove the droppings.

4. Keep the cage and its bottom under a shower and flow hot water over it to get rid of the dirtying.

5. Use mild detergents that are bird friendly and non toxic to wash the cage and the tray. You can use scrub pads, sponge or brush for cleaning.

6. Rinse the cage thoroughly under the shower with hot water. Make sure that there are no traces of detergents in the cage. Let the excess water drain off the cage.

7. Use a clean dry towel to wipe the cage and make it dry and keep it aside.

8. Clean the toys, food and water bowls and perches with mild detergents. Rinse them well in hot water to remove the traces of detergents.

9. Assemble the detached parts of the cage hang it. Spread a liner at the bottom of the cage and place the perches, food bowls and toys back in to the cage. You can also rotate the toys otherwise the parrot will get bored.

10. Once every thing is back to normal then keep your parrot back to his neat and clean cage.

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