How To Clean Your House Effectively And Fast

How To Clean Your House Effectively And Fast

How To Clean Your House Effectively And Fast - Tips For Cleaning A Kitchen & Ways To Clean Your Home » Speedy Cleaning Tips For Your HouseAfter a long week of hard work, the last thing one wishes to do is spend the weekend scrubbing, mopping, or cleaning. As it takes a lot of time to accomplish this task, people tend to get discouraged by this chore.

You don’t have waste your weekend mopping and scrubbing, if you follow this minutes-a-day cleaning tips. Follow these fast cleaning tips to get a spotless home in no time.

Because your time is valuable, you don’t need to spend your weekend dusting, mopping, scrubbing and vacuuming. Just by spending few minutes a day, you can keep messes under control, make cleaning process quick, and clean your entire home in a more organized way. This is how you can do this.

Kitchen Cleaning

Every night after dinner, give 5 minutes to your kitchen. With the help of damp micro fiber cloth, wipe the counter top and stove to clean spills and grease. Also wipe the microwave. Use damped paper towel to clan wet spills.

Sweep the floor to clean dart and spots. Use hand vacuum to clean every corner of the kitchen quickly. This way your kitchen will always remain clean and you don’t have to spoil your weekend to get it in order.

Every fortnight take out 10 to 15 minutes to dust walls and cupboards and doors and windows with the help of micro fiber cloth. Within five minutes you will finish cleaning them. In the same way, clean the refrigerator and it shelves with a damp micro fiber cloth. It will hardly take 2-3 minutes to make the fridge spotless. Use a cleanser to wipe the counter, sink, and fridge. Use drain cleanser to keep all drains open.

Bathroom Cleaning

Every day take out few seconds to spray cleaning solution on tubs, shower curtain and tiles and doors and clean them off. Also, use toilet cleaning disinfectant on the toilet seat. Allow cleaner to sit for fifteen minutes. Use this time to finish other household chores.

To remove hard water stains, you can use a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Before taking shower, clean them with plain water. With a micro fiber flat mop, sweep the floor and clean every corner to get spot clean floor. Sparing 10 minutes every day can keep your bathroom fresh and clean.

Living Room

Every day before going to bed take out 2 minutes to clear away all the clutter from living room. Keep newspapers, magazine and remote at their respective place and use hand vacuum to remove dirt from the floor. Every two three weeks, manage to take out 10-15 minutes to dust ceiling fan, walls, book shelves windowsills etc.

Remember, it is easier to clean a day’s dirt than the dirt accumulated for weeks.

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