How to Clean Your Microwave

How to Clean Your Microwave

How to Clean Your Microwave - Tips to Clean Your Microwave - Cleaning Microwave - Techniques to Clean Microwave | Tips on - Find TipsMicrowave is an extremely useful device in every household on today’s date. It makes cooking easier and at the same time helps to retain all the nutritional values of the food that you eat.Cooking in microwave is noting but a child’s play.Every one can use this appliance with ease. However, they should know the right technique to handle it.

Thus, when you buy any electronic appliance like a microwave, it is very important that you should take good care of it in order to elongate its life. This is because they are generally very sensitive in nature and needs to be handled with extra caution. The primary way of taking care is to keep it clean and tidy.

Here are some tips to help you clean both the interior as well as the exterior of this device with care;


You can use an all purpose cleaner to clean the exterior of the microwave. Always use a soft and clean towel to wipe off the door pane and also the body of the appliance. Be very careful while cleaning so that you do not hurt the glass door pane. You may also use a special glass cleaner to remove the marks and stains from the glass door pane of the microwave. Again wipe it off with a paper towel or a soft piece of cloth.


Wipe it off every time you use it, with a soft and clean piece of cloth. Remove food crumbs, if any using your finger nail. The best option is to steam clean your microwave. Take a bowl of clean water and add some drops of vinegar to it. You can also add a piece of lemon to the water instead of vinegar if you feel and then microwave it for 2 minutes.

This will remove the odor from inside and will make the appliance as fresh as before. Wipe off the steam with a paper towel or soft piece of cloth. Keep the door of the microwave open for some time after cleaning.

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