How to Clip your Cat's Claws

How to Clip your Cat's Claws

How to Clip your CatStart the trimming of the claws of your cat when it is a kitten. This will help your cat to develop a habit of trimming the claws. This will help you to save your furniture, walls, doors etc from the scratches. Never shout on your cat as it makes the cat nervous and scared. While a soft voice can do wonders. Cut the nails when the cat is sleeping or relaxed and never attempt to cut the nails when the cat is playing. Here are some tips to cut the nails of your cat.

Tips to cut the Claws

1. Take a sharp nail cutter or guillotine type cat clipper.

2. Hold your cat in your left hand with its paw in your left hand or keep the cat in your lap and hold the paw with the left hand.

3. Press the paw gently so as to extend the claws. Don’t hurt the cat by pressing hardly. Then it won’t allow you to cut the claws.

4. Check the claws in the light closely then you can see pink colored area in the center of the nails. This area is called ‘quick’ which consist of the blood vessels. If you nicked this area then it will start bleeding.

5. Now cut the claws at a point between the tip of the sharp nail and the end of the quick. So that it won’t hurt your cat. If you can’t distinguish the quick from the rest of the nail then cut only the sharp tip to avoid injuries.

6. If your cat is jiggling then cut one claw a day. If he is creating problems then ask for somebody else’s help to hold the cat or you have to wait till your cat becomes calm. It may sometimes take five or six days.

7. If your cat is relaxed and comfortable with the trimming then proceed with the other claws.

8. Don’t forget to give your cat a wonderful treat after the trimming process and lots of affection too.

9. If you cuts start to bleed then apply some medication like styptic powder on the cuts.

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