How to Communicate With a Husband

How to Communicate With a Husband

How to Communicate With a Husband - Communicate With Clarity - Give him Space | Tips on - Find TipsThis article is particularly for the women readers in relationships.

If you believe that men and women are wired and bred differently, then it is useless running form the fact that the process by which men and women interpret communication differs hugely like the North and South Pole.

We might inhabit the same environment, but the way perception works makes all the difference. And by communication I mean both verbal and non verbal.


Firstly, be and behave with who you are as a person. Do not pretend. If women can boast of being intuitive, then men can feel that too. Be yourself, be natural and do not fake emotions. Communicate with a clarity and sincerity. Not all men like confused and damsel in distress women.

Secondly, never be too pushy because men never seem to grow up and acknowledge their feelings. Just because it has been months since you are together doesn’t mean he is going to open up to you. Relationships are complicated. Let his feelings come out voluntarily; any amount of pressure and lecture would not do.

Thirdly, do anything but do not nag. Will you as a woman like a nagging and clingy boyfriend or husband at your neck all the time? I guess no. trying to humiliate in front of others don’t help too.

Fourthly, give him his space. There is no problem if he is having a boy’s night out or if he is working late until you are the person he is coming back to. This way you also get a girly time out with girlfriends. Try to grow in the same direction. Demanding 24 hours for his attention is a surefire to take the relation downhill.

Fifthly, let him know how happy and contended you are in being with him. Men love ego boosters. Even though he might not speak his feelings, his actions will say all. You need to decide whether the relation is for keeps or not depending on his actions.

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