How to Control Household Pests

How to Control Household Pests

How to Control Household Pests - Chemical Pest Control - Pest Control Tips - Pest Control Sprays | Tips on - Find TipsHouse Hold Pests

House hold pest is everyone’s nightmare; the beauty and the cleanliness of the house are often questioned. House hold pests enter into the house mainly for food and shelter. They prefer the warmth, dark corners, blood, waste, food and humidity. The pests should be eliminated immediately before they get out of control and destructive. With some basic care and measures we can make our home a pest free zone.

The Common Household Pests and Their Control

1. Fleas

They are small brown colored blood sucking insects attacking human beings and pets. Fleas can be found on or in the skin of your pets, carpets and furniture. Their attack results in itchy skin, patchy hair loss and abnormal lethargy in animals.

Fleas can be controlled

a. Non chemical control can be done by washing and combing your pets daily. Vacuuming the carpets, furniture, pet beddings and areas common to the pets and disposing vacuums waste properly. Keeping the blankets and sheets clean.

b. Chemical control can be done by using insecticides containing insect growth regulators which interrupt the pest life cycle. The common insect growth regulators are methoprene, hydroprene, and piriproxyfen.

2. House fly

They are the most harmful pest. They are the result of unhygienic activities of human beings. House flies will sit on garbage and other wastes and transmit the harmful pathogens to our food, mouth parts, water etc.

House fly can be controlled by sanitation itself

a. Non chemical control can be done using sticky traps to catch the flies. Shredded raw onion can also be used to attract flies and upon tasting them the flies will die. Also great care should be taken to dispose the food waste properly and keep your pets and its surroundings clean.

b. For Chemical control aerosol sprays, microencapsulated or wettable powder formulation, bait traps and foggers are available. The major problem in chemical control is that flies are gaining resistance against the chemicals. So an integrated fly control will be the most effective method.

3. Ants

They are the social insects. Ants are found in kitchen, bathrooms and where ever food is exposed. They will make a line from their nest.

Ants can also be controlled

a. Non chemical control can be achieved by keeping the surroundings clean and avoiding food exposure by keeping them in tight containers. Make sure the tiny holes which are the pathways for ants are closed.

b. Baits are the most effective chemical method of controlling ants because it kills the entire colony and so it lasts for a longer period. Most of the baits contain insect growth regulators or metabolic inhibitors. Ant baits are available in Granular, Fine granular, Gel and Liquid form.

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