How to Control Hyper-Pigmentation

How to Control Hyper-Pigmentation

How to Control Hyper-Pigmentation - Skin Pigmentation - Treatments for Hyper-Pigmentation - Skin Hyperpigmentation | Tips on - Find Tips Hyper-Pigmentation

Hyper-pigmentation is an annoying skin problem that affects a number of people. The major reasons for Hyper pigmentation are exposure to sun and hormonal changes. There are various treatments for Hyper-pigmentation.

1. Treatments for Hyper-Pigmentation

1.1 Facials using ex foliating ingredients such as glycolic acid, tri-chloro acetic or salicylic acid

These ingredients affect the superficial layer of the skin. They erase thinner irregularities on the skin surface; reduce pigmentation and surface dryness, thus making skin to be brighter and smoother. These facials have to be repeated at a gap of 2-4 weeks.

1.2 Topical creams

Topical creams such as hydroxy quinone, tretinoin, topical steroids, alpha hydroxy acid creams or azelic acid can be used for removing Hyper pigmentation. Hydroxy quinine is a phenolic compound used in lightening and skin bleaching creams. It is applied on the affected parts either alone or in combination with salicylic acid or glycolic acid. It can reduce the hyper-pigmentation but at the same time they may increase the damage on sun exposure.

1.3 Micro Dermabrasion

It is a new cosmetic treatment in which the dead skin on the surface are removed using some special machines. It requires 8 to 10 weekly treatment. However Micro Dermabrasion gets rid of only a small amount of dead skin.

1.4 Electrical stimulation of the skin

A combination of ultrasound and electrical therapy are used to micro-massage and stimulate the blood supply to the skin. These are motored deep into the tissue resulting in healthier and more beautiful skin. This will create both mechanical and thermal action for an effective peeling process. The “micro massage” activity of elastic waves increases the skin hydration levels and thus boosting deep relaxation and skin plumping.

1.5 Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is a process of using electric current to introduce ions in solution into cells and tissues by applying them on body surfaces. This will help in the removal of unwanted pigments.

1.6 Laser Skin Resurfacing

A number of people use laser skin resurfacing to quickly avoid skin pigmentation, even though it’s costly. It is a process of eliminating damaged or wrinkled skin one layer at a time. For effective results multiple treatments may be required.

2. Precautions to be taken to control Hyper-Pigmentation

2.1 Avoid exposure to sun, so that pigmented areas don’t darken even more
2.2 Have a well balanced diet and a have enough sleep
2.3 Avoid cosmetics and self medication

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