How to Control Panic Attacks

How to Control Panic Attacks

How to Control Panic Attacks - How to Get Rid of Stress - Panic Attacks Cause - Anxiety Panic Attacks | Tips on - Find TipsMost of us get the panicky feeling sometime or the other in the years of our existence. When in a panic attack, a person can feel tightening of stomach, getting restless, claustrophobic and what not. Below are given some ways to overcome the feeling of panic:

Let Go Of The Problem- What is the reason for which you are getting panicked? Is it because of some repressed emotion you have been beholding for a long time? Is it because you are stressed and facing anxiety? Is it because you have been bottling up anger in you for a long time?

The key is to let go the problem and acceptance. The earlier you accept, the better it is for you to get rid of stress. It will help to move on in your life.

Foods And Alcohol- Certain foods and alcohol aggravate the chances of panic attacks. To start with, cut back on the intake of alcohol and caffeine. Consuming both of them above the level of moderation triples the chances of panic attacks.

Instead, have green tea (a cup or two daily) which is full of antioxidants and has been proven to be effective in panic attacks.

Also, reduce the intake of processed foods such as sugar, white flour, processed meats and canned items such as fruits or vegetables.

Change Your Environment- A person’s habitat plays an important role if the root cause of panic attacks is located inside the environment they reside. In such a situation, even the ‘letting go of problems’ and change in diet would not help as you are returning to the same place every night.

For few days, take a vacation and go somewhere serene and calm. Give vent to your emotions and come back recharged. Talk to the people who you think are the root cause of your problems and try to reach a settlement.

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