How to Cook a Hamburger in a Frying Pan

How to Cook a Hamburger in a Frying Pan

How to Cook a Hamburger in a Frying Pan - Tips to Cook a Hamburger - Cooking Hamburgers in a Frying Pan - Hamburgers in a Frying Pan | Tips on - Find TipsHamburger is a sandwich that consists of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun. It is often accompanied with other ingredients. The smell of the hamburger itself is tempting and it is difficult to avoid hamburgers. Hamburger can be made easily in a frying pan. Here are some tips to make hamburger in a frying pan.

Tips to Make the Patties

1. Take one or two minced scallions and two or three button mushrooms. Cut the mushroom in to fourths.

2. Keep the mushroom scallion in a large bowl and add one teaspoon red wine vinegar. To this mixture add one pound ground beef and mix then well with the hands.

3. Part the mixture in to four equal parts and flatten them in to patties of five inch diameter and half inch thickness.

4. Set the stove burner in a medium heat and heat a frying pan. You can check the correct temperature of the pan by putting down a drop of water over the pan. If it attains correct temperature then the water drop will dance on the pan instead of getting stick to the pan.

5. You can add one table spoon of olive oil to the frying pan if you like to have. Now keep the patties on the pan and cook it for two or three minutes. Then turn over the patties and cook it additional one more minute. You can also add cheese slices on top of these patties but it is optional. Keep the pan covered and cook the patties for another two minutes. If you prefer t have well-done patties then extend the cooking time for two more minutes. Large spatula will help you to turn the patties nicely and with out breaking the patties.

Now your patties are ready.

Tips to Make Hamburger

1. Take hamburger buns and split them open in to halves. If you toast the buns then it will taste better.

2. Keep the prepared patties between the halves of the bun and you can decorate your hamburger patties with ketchup, sliced tomatoes, red onions, mustard, lettuce and even you can use pickles.

Your frying pan hamburger is now ready to consume.

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