How to Cover Cigarette Smoke Odor

How to Cover Cigarette Smoke Odor

How to Cover Cigarette Smoke Odor - Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor - How to Camouflage Cigarette Smoke Odor - Guidelines to Cover Cigarette Odor | Tips on - Find Tips‘Cigarette is injurious to health’ is a famous slogan. Cigarette smoke is harmful not only for smokers but also for the people around these smokers. Camouflaging or covering the odor of cigarette smoke is important if someone doesn’t want to reveal that he smokes to his family and friends. For professionals it’s important as smoke odor leaves a bad impression on bosses and friends. Adolescents want to hide the fact that they smoke from their partners and parents. Following are some guidelines to cover cigarette odor:

Mouth: The cigarette smell lingers in the breath; chewing gum is the best way to hide it. You can brush your teeth and the toothpaste smell adds freshness to your breath. Some people opt for mouth sprays to cover the smell but mouth sprays are not very effective. Chewing mint leaves is also helpful.

The smell of tobacco lingers on the hands of the smoker. Wash your hands well with a liquid soap. Apply cream to the hands to hide the smell. Never use both, liquid soap and cream, as it may create an unpleasant odor. Don’t use colognes. Colognes when mixed with cigarette smell produce a foul odor.

Face: Wiping face with alcohol swab is a good option. You can even spray deodorant around your neck.

Clothes: Remove your jacket/ coat while smoking to avoid the smell from clothes. Your dry cleaner uses white petrol wipes to apply to clothes, you can use the same wipes to take away the smell

Hair: Cigarette smell from the hair can be camouflaged by using a hair cream. Comb your hair before smoking before and after smoking.

Always face your back against wind, so that the smoke doesn’t blow on your face. If you are chain smoker, in winters, you can keep a separate coat, hat, and gloves to wear while smoking.

Important Note:

If your family members don’t know that you smoke, following the above guidelines may raise questions in the minds. If you enter home smelling of alcohol swab or cologne, your parents may raise a question regarding that. Chew gum not only after you smoke but even otherwise, to avoid suspicion.

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