How to Create a Blog

How to Create a Blog

How to Create a Blog - How Blogs Create Awareness - How to Start With Blog - Need of Blog | Tips on - Find TipsNow a day’s blogging is a perfect way to air your views without any expenses. You do not creneed any publisher or promoter to publish your views. If you have some topic in mind or you think strongly about some subject, you can create awareness among people by creating a blog on that subject. But for most of the people, creating a blog seems a daunting task. You may not know where to start from. To create a blog you need not have any technical knowledge. You can do it within minutes following some simple steps. You can be the part of blog world just in less than an hour. Let us see how you can do it.

First of all you need to choose free blogging software like Blogger or wordpress. Both these software are free to use with basic blogging tools. These are the most popular blogging software. You can choose one according to your needs.

Once you choose the blogging software, you need to register an account. This creates your blog. While creating blog on particular software, read step-by-step instructions given about the software.

While creating your account for blog, you need to register a domain name. You should wisely choose a domain of the blog according to your topic. You also need to choose a theme. There are some other preferences like author name, comment moderation process, visit count and many other things which blogging software allows you to customize according to your choice. You should spend some time setting all these things before actually working on the blog. Then when you publish your blog posts, you need not do any customization. Now your basic blog is ready and you can start adding posts.

You can have many other things like feeds, blog rolls, plug-ins and others you can add to your blogs. But basic steps are these only.

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