How to Cure Dandruff Naturally

How to Cure Dandruff Naturally

How to Cure Dandruff Naturally - Remedies for Dandruff - Cure Dandruff | Tips on - Find TipsThe precise reason behind the occurrence of dandruff has not been established as yet. But many credible and true causes have been attributed for its appearance. Many people have this misconception that dandruff is associated with hair. But the fact is that it is a disorder of the skin. In this condition, dead cells of the scalp’s skin peel off and which are then reduced to dandruff.

Many internal causes have been held responsible for the occurrence of dandruff. Few of them being hormonal imbalance, presence of disproportionate quantity of protein in your food, bad health condition, derisory cleanliness and in many people dandruff has been found to be a hereditary phenomenon. Among the external causes are excessive applications of chemical induced sprays, hair dyes, gels, scorching heat and nervousness.

It is advisable to cure dandruff naturally using natural ingredients. Add more quantity of Vitamin B Complex in your daily diet. Consume food which is rich in natural sulphur, namely, egg, onion and also cabbage. The utilization of garlic in any form (oil, juice or raw) acts as a natural cleanser for your scalp, thereby minimizing the effects of dandruff. If it is possible for you try to reduce the intake of caffeine and chocolate which are known to increase the growth of dandruff. You can also apply the juice of lemon after washing your hair with shampoo.

Take some curd and rubdown it on the scalp. Afterwards envelope the head by a towel soaked in hot water. Relax for a while for around half and hour. In the end rinse the hair with proper shampoo.

Poor circulation of blood in the scalp region can also cause dandruff. Regularly massage the scalp with good quality oil or else lie upside down on your head for thirty seconds. Put a stop to unnecessary scratching of your scalp as it can result in cut, infectivity culminating in speedy loss of hair.

Take few basil leaves and bring them to a boil for about five minutes. After it gets cooled, put the solution on to your scalp and after sometime wash it off with shampoo.

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